You check your email one day and find…it’s time for Track Takeover is coming BACK!

Why is time moving so slowly? You are counting down the days until you get back to the track.

Scrolling through Twitter, checking out all the new things to do and see, until…


It’s like you can’t read about it fast enough.

No other track has EVER done this before. Is it even real?!

Race day morning finally arrives are you’re up like:

Driving up to RIR like…

…when you see RIR in its race day glory.

You beeline straight for the track.


The band is rocking some classic tunes and everyone around you in just as excited as you are.

Look! Over there! Is that Kyle Busch’s show car?!

Exhibits for the kiddos, driver Q&As on the frontstretch…this is basically NASCAR heaven.

To top it all off, you leave your mark on RIR – by signing the Start/Finish line!

Just like this kid:

Finally, you head to your seats knowing you were just on the track before your favorite drivers hit the pavement.

Crazy. Freakin’. Cool.