The Best Seat in the House

Whether we’re on your track bucket list, or you’ve been coming here for twenty years, it’s always fun to see the track from a different perspective. Below are a few shots taken from different grandstands, sections, and rows around the track. We’re lucky that you can see pretty much the entire race from anywhere around our ¾ mile D-shaped oval – although we typically recommend above row 10 for the very best view.

Find your perfect seat below:

Old Dominion, Section C Row 16
Old Dominion, Section A Row 28
Starting off in turn 3, the Old Dominion and Colonial sections provide a great view of the backstretch and turns 3 and 4. If you want the best view to watch the cars come off the only straightaway on the track, then this is the area for you. (Plus, the entrance to pit road!) Head in through Gate 70 off the midway for the closest route to your seats.

Colonial, Section A Row 28

Colonial, Section E Row 28
Colonial, section E, is the Family Section presented by Virginia529. No alcohol is permitted in this section, providing the most family-friendly experience for even our littlest NASCAR fans

Sprint, Section E Row 5
Sprint, Section I Row 12

Sprint, Commonwealth, and the Commonwealth Tower all provide an excellent view of the frontstretch, pit road, and start/finish line. These sections are easily accessible through the fronstretch gate or Gate 40, and are the closest to the free parking in Lot D.

Commonwealth, Section B Row 20

Commonwealth, Section H Row 10
Commonwealth, Section H Row 10
Commonwealth Tower, Section O Row 10
If you want to see everything, the best view is from the Commonwealth Tower. (Tip: you can even see the Richmond city skyline if you turn around, away from the track…but only check this out during a caution. You don’t want to miss any in-race action!) 

Veranda, Section C Row 30

Dogwood, Section AA Row 2

Continuing our route clock-wise around the track, the Veranda, Dogwood, and Dogwood Tower grandstands run from the pit road exit to turn 2. Get a perfect view of the race off pit road and turns 1 and 2, where the cars are going the fastest after hauling down the frontstretch. These seats are closest to the Lot F RV lot and tram drop-off from Lots H and J – right through Gate 50 or Gate 40. An insider tip: you can see the whole track from even the lowest rows, as these sections sit up a little higher than the others (roughly ten rows or so).

Dogwood, Section H Row 28

Dogwood, Section L Row 12
Dogwood Tower, Section Q Row 5

Dogwood, Section S Row 15


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