My RIR Story: Tim Roehrs

Tim Roehrs
RICHMOND NATION Member Tim Roehrs and his wife Hope at the 2016 April race in Richmond

Below is a first-hand account from a RICHMOND NATION member about their year as a season ticket holder.


"You're kidding me!"

That was my reaction when Richmond called to tell me I'd won a trip to NASCAR Champions Week in Las Vegas. I'm so excited to go, and have RICHMOND NATION to thank for getting me there.

Normally, the general public does not get into the banquet, so being able to see the celebration of (Jimmie) Johnson's seventh championship will be fun. I'm not the biggest Jimmie Johnson fan - Kyle Busch is my guy, and I'll cheer for Denny Hamlin too - but you have to be excited for him, that's a major accomplishment.

I've been going to races since 1998, but my first race in Richmond was the fall race in 2007. I was on the wait list for tickets for years before I finally got some. You always heard about how Richmond was one of the best tracks for fans, for the excitement. It lived up to its promise!

I drive for FedEx and it's not always easy getting many Saturdays off, so I'm not always able to go to the spring race in Richmond. With it being changed to Sunday afternoons last April, I was able to go to both races, and (it) was an awesome race - one of the best races of the year.

To go on the track before the Fall Race and see some of the drivers at Gridside Live! was very exciting. RICHMOND NATION is a really good deal, (saving money on) both races and having events on race weekend and throughout the year.

My wife Hope is actually the one who got me into NASCAR, and every year it's something that brings my family together. We get together with my youngest son in Charlotte, some neighbors and good friends and travel up to Richmond for the races. We all hop in an RV and we're off.

To me, that's the most important part of being a NASCAR fan. The thrill of being at the track with family. There's nothing like it, and you can't describe it. You've got to go experience it.

Tim Roehrs


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