My RIR Story: Timothy Wilson

Timothy has been coming to races at RIR since he was just 12 years old

Racing is in the blood of Timothy Wilson, and he's been able to pass that passion along to his daughters through his RICHMOND NATION experience. He shares his Richmond experience as a part of the "My RIR Story" series.


I’m the type of person who likes to be a part of something.

When I read about RICHMOND NATION online and discovered how I can enhance my experience at the track, I knew I wanted to get everything I could out of being a member. When we attend a race weekend, it’s about more than just what happens on track – we’re there to see the drivers do Q&As, enjoy the food, and buy souvenirs. RICHMOND NATION enhances myexperience.

Certainly having our seats locked in each year is a great benefit. We love our seats and like all the fans who sit around us. It’s like a reunion every year when we get to see them. We get a free parking pass which I enjoy, along with the RICHMOND NATION receptions and drivers doing special Q&As. The parking and special events were why I joined, but I enjoy ALL of the benefits of RICHMOND NATION.

My first race was with my best friend when I was 12 years old. His father was a Henrico County Police officer, and he let us explore while he worked. It became a tradition, and each year we had one more friend show up. At that age, you remember the highlights. Seeing the wrecks and then the people you see on TV.

I don’t think I missed a race until I went to college. After graduating and marrying my wife, I joined the Kiwanis who would volunteer at the track each weekend to raise funds for the Children’s Miracle Network. This was my way of getting back into the race track, which I did for many years until I moved away from Richmond.

Though I had a great time at the track with my friends growing up, it was more fun to start a new family tradition with my daughters. In 2002, my Father’s Day gift from my wife and daughters was tickets to the race. It was touching to see my younger daughter get so into it, and seeing in her eyes the same look I had back when I was 12. She’s caught the NASCAR bug.

The horsepower and the noise is something that gets into your blood. It is something I hope becomes a life-long passion. You can’t make anything better than that.

Timothy Wilson


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